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H-Generál Kft. - The metal forming specialist!

Content image Our company producing metal parts on a wide range of metal processing technology! The H-GENERÁL Kft. founded almost two decades ago, during this time it managed to become a dominant supplier of many hungarian and international companies. Our customers' trust is our key to the future, which is keep in mind by our almost 150 employees with their accurate and high quality work! We are producing in two facilities on about 8000m2 production area! The plant in Jászberény started to mainly manufacture high series parts, but on the other hand we established our factory with a complex, high technology range of machinery, allows us to make every steps of metalworking with in-house coordination! In our Budapest plant we are assembling smaller and bigger units partly or completely and we are designing, producing and maintaining metal stamping tools!

Content image Our press technology - both eccentric and hydraulic - capacity is outstanding! In 2007, under a bigger investment we bought three - each with 425 tons of press force - new eccentric presses, from which we could produce more bigger metal parts! We could put the biggest press tools onto these machines, both transfer and progressive metal stamping tools! We are designing, making, repairing, maintaining and commissioning press tools for cutting, punching, bending etc. for own use, and also for customers needs!

Content image Whether simple or complex metalworking in prototyping, low or high series producing, whether conventional or CNC machined parts needed for every branch of industrial use, our company is at your service! For many years we are in touch exterior, good qualified companies to perform any external works, such as metal surface treatment services (powder coating, electroplating galvanizing, hotdipped zinc, nickel plating, tinning etc) or heat treatment. We have extensive experience in the production of complete assemblies and fully or partly assembling them! We are producing every variety of metal parts among the series-produced parts, like server-, and battery racks, telecommunication units, boxes, TV parts.

Our company operate a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2000 MSZ EN ISO 9000:2001 in both plants, in addition to this both plants operate the system ISO 14001:2004 MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005. We make our management bearing in mind to keeping these requirement during the production activity. Click on the images to download the latest certificates!

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Durucz Zoltán Orosházi Ferenc Nyári Zoltán
Managing director Sales manager Jászberény, Logistic
+3630 943 9368 +3630 945 9542 +3630 349 0368
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Csorba László Gál Gyula Cser István
Jászberény, Logistic;
Production assistant
Jászberény, Plant director Quality manager;
Budapest, Plant director
+3630 870 1676 +3630 830 5968 +3630 309 5183
csl ggy csi
Hunyadi László Puszta Tamás Durucz Gábor
Jászberény, Production director;
CNC sheetmetal technology
Jászberény, Production director;
Eccentric metal stamping
IT manager
+3630 870 1672 +3630 870 1673 +3630 492 5402
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1106 Budapest Jászberényi street 29
Tel: +361 262 5878
Fax: +361 433 5651
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5100 Jászberény Alsómuszály 58
Tel: +3657 413 014
Fax: +3657 411 107
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