Hard tooling - Metal stamping with tooling - Soft tooling - plasma-, waterjet cuting and punching, metalworking - Machining - conventional and CNC operated

Eccentric metal stamping (hard tooling)

Content imageTo economically produce higher volumes (like 30000 to the million pieces) we use metal stamping tools. We produce on nearly 120 pieces, 5 tons to 425 tons of press force capacity machines! The bigger ones are: 3*425t, 250t, 4*160t, 13*100t, 10*80-63t eccentric, and 50t, 2*40t, 25t fast press press force. We could work together with transfer and progressiv stamping tools, our biggest workdesk's dimensions is 1000*2000mm, but depending on the workpiece that is possible to use more bigger tools. Our biggest component produced was a 50-inch plasma TV back panel, which one was 700 x 1240mm wide. 25 pieces of our machines could work together with coil feeder, generally we are producing on 30 to 60 strokes per minute, but our fast press machnies could work with up to 300 strokes per minute! We are producing smaller units on fast presses, like electrical switches or light bulb parts.

CNC sheetmetal technology (soft tooling)

Content imageFor prototyping and low volumes - generally for the few thousand pieces volumes - it's not rewarding to use hard tooling technology. In this case the different steps of the production is separeted. We are equipted with three CNC pounching and one CNC operated plasma cut machine, which we are able to manufacture great sheets of metal! (1500*3000mm) For complex geometries we are also able to use plasma and also waterjet processes to cut raw materials like aluminium, stainless or carbon steel - and also stone, copper, brass and other materials with waterjet - up to 100mm thickness! For bending we have two CNC operated and three conventional edge bending and many other conventional hydraulic machines! The bigger ones are: 160t, 3*100t, 80t, 2*63t.

Tool designing, tool manufacturing

Content imageWe are designing and making metal-forming tools in-house with our high experienced staff crew! Also for hard tooling and also for soft tooling we could make special tools, maintenace them, or in case we could repair them immediately! We are working with a brand new EDM machine (production date 2011) along with three older ones, maximal processing range on our EDM machines is 300*600*800mm.

Other activities:

  • Conventional, automatic and CNC operated turning, conventional and CNC operated milling
  • AWI, CO, stud- and pointwelding
  • Assembly, packing

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Durucz Zoltán Orosházi Ferenc Nyári Zoltán
Managing director Sales manager Jászberény, Logistic
+3630 943 9368 +3630 945 9542 +3630 349 0368
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Csorba László Gál Gyula Cser István
Jászberény, Logistic;
Production assistant
Jászberény, Plant director Quality manager;
Budapest, Plant director
+3630 870 1676 +3630 830 5968 +3630 309 5183
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Hunyadi László Puszta Tamás Durucz Gábor
Jászberény, Production director;
CNC sheetmetal technology
Jászberény, Production director;
Eccentric metal stamping
IT manager
+3630 870 1672 +3630 870 1673 +3630 492 5402
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